Crucial Concepts Bootcamp teaches you foundation concepts and HOW to be a successful nursing student. Beyond Bootcamp takes your learning a step further with tutorials on the most challenging subjects encountered in Med Surg.

Beyond Bootcamp is for you if...

  • You want to take what you've learned from Crucial Concepts Bootcamp and apply it to specific subjects
  • You are nervous about the overwhelming amount of content that must be learned in Med Surg
  • You're not sure exactly what to focus on with key topics in nursing school
  • You've loved the Straight A Nursing podcast and want to add study guides, downloads and videos to the mix!
  • You want a trusted resource for tutorials on the topics you need help with the most and you don't have time to hunt around on the internet
  • You are on a budget and want to get in with introductory pricing while receiving all future course updates and additions absolutely FREE.

What's Included in Beyond Bootcamp?

Beyond Bootcamp dives into key topics that students often struggle with first semester. It currently includes the following lessons: 

  • BASIC CLINICAL SKILLS: using the 24-hour clock, principles of asepsis, step-by-step for taking a manual blood pressure, interpreting lab values, IV therapy, drawing meds into a syringe
  • COMMUNICATION: Receiving end of shift report with downloadable report sheets and practice scenarios
  • RESPIRATORY: Oxygenation and related concepts, oxygen delivery systems, COPD
  • GASTROINTESTINAL: Irritable bowel syndrome and inflammatory bowel disease, ostomy basics and care, peptic ulcer disease vs GERD, pancreatitis
  • CARDIOVASCULAR: Basics of perfusion, coronary artery disease, peripheral artery disease vs chronic venous insufficiency, heart failure, hypertension
  • RENAL: Renal failure, dialysis
  • ENDOCRINE: Diabetes, Addison's vs Cushing's
  • NEURO: Stroke basics, Stroke interventions and care plan, Alzheimer's Disease
  • IMMUNITY: Foundations of immunity
  • MULTI-SYSTEM: Arterial blood gas interpretation with practice scenarios

As content is added, you automatically receive all new material at no additional charge. 

and the best part is, we ask YOU what material you need the most!

Get in before the price goes up!

Because this is a course-in-the-making, you can get in NOW at the lowest price we'll ever have! New content is added regularly to help you succeed in nursing school. 

If you've loved the Straight A Nursing podcast, you'll really love Beyond Bootcamp!





  • Immediate access to all modules
  • All module updates automatically 
  • Study guides and reference sheets

Enroll now and see what it's like having a good friend with you every step of the way

Enroll now to get immediate access to Beyond Bootcamp. In this course, you'll go beyond the foundation concepts from Crucial Concepts Bootcamp and dive into those topics that students tend to struggle with in Med Surg.  New modules are being created based off what our students tell us they need!